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Generally most countries have reduced or cancelled all restrictions in relation to Covid-19, however we suggest travellers, prior to taking the decision to leave for a possible trip,  to get all relevant information by consulting  the authorities in their own countries and also their embassy or consulate in the destination country.

Be aware that it may be possible to enter a country, and return to one’s home country without special limitations, but ther might be restrictions in travelling within the destination country.
Also consider that, to travellers who, before entering the destination country, had stayed in countries other than their country of residence, specific restrictions imposed by the country of destination may apply. Please get the updated information from the relevant embassies or consulates.

IN CASE OF TRIP CANCELLED by the participant:

a) due to new restrictions Covid-19 (introduced after the date of booking) relevant to travelling to the destination country or to the re-entry to the country of residence:
– within 30 days from departure, all paid amounts will be refunded (except flights and agency fees);
– after  30 days from departure, Avalco Travel  will determine upon its sole judgement whether  refunding the paid amounts  (except flights and agency fees) or offer a  voucher of same value (valid 12 months) to be utilized in any other trip with the agency;
b) due to personal sanitary reasons  (such as synptoms of  Covid-19 or positive swab):
– the provisions of art . 8 of our  General Terms and Conditions  will apply.
PLEASE NOTE:  in case of flights purchased via our agency, the carrier’s  terms and conditions  will apply.
As for any other issue  not mentioned here, our  General Terms and Conditions apply, and specifically the articles 5,7,8 of the same.

in relation to  Covid-19 emergency

Avalco Travel adopts a protocol with the following points, in summary.
1. The departure of each trip will be possible only if the authorities of the participant’s country of residence and the destination country allow travel for tourism. If travel is formally permitted but with special restrictions, we will assess whether these are acceptable to our customers and to our organization.
2. In case of travel with formation of a group from individual members, it is advisable for each participant to show up at the departure without contagion (possible negative swab in the last 10 days) and without symptoms.
Avalco Travel reserves the right to ask participants for a medical certificate of negativity to Covid-19, before departure.
In any case, Avalco Travel cannot guarantee the non-positivity of all participants.
For these reasons, we encourage registrations from pre-established groups.
3. With regard to any flights purchased via our agency, health safety and related protocols for Covid-19 are under the exclusive responsibility of the carriers and of the authorities in charge.
4. We will apply every possible effort to ensure maximum health safety on site, with reference to the choice of services for: local transport, accommodation, meals, guides and support staff, and the management of the daily activities. We select service providers who observe the appropriate hygiene and health procedures, however we cannot in any way guarantee that possible infections from Covid-19 will not occur.
5. In the event that a participant, after departure, accuses symptoms of Covid-19, or is infected (positive swab), he/she must undergo the appropriate isolation and care procedures, according to the local mandatory provisions.
Avalco Travel will not be responsible for possible delays or suspended provision of services, changes in the travel program, extension of stay, non-use of flights, special care and assistance, or for other direct or indirect damage resulting from the participant’s health condition. Any extra cost resulting from this condition will be at the sole charge of the participant.

It is suggested to follow the recommendations of the own embassy  before departure, upon arrival in the country of destination, and in the event of any emergency on site.