“We never go so far as when we do not know where we are going”
Cristoforo Colombo



Some trips take place in little known locations, or involve a new route. They have never been “tested” by us before, and perhaps by no one else. These are what we identify as “Explorer Trips“.
Often these trips are originated from the idea of a friend, or customer, or a partner guide. Participants may be involved in the organization and in the daily activity management on site;  according to the degree of involvement, they benefit of special pricing and conditions.

Those who take part in these trips have an innate attraction for adventure and exploration, and for these principles they are also willing to give up some comforts and face any possible unexpected events.
To be successful in these initiatives you need to be curious, determined on the goal, and trusting the team.

We encourage anyone having  an Explorer Trip idea, and searching  a way to make it happen, to contact us and  talk about it, without any obligation of course.