Since 2007 we explore the mountains of the world  …

Avalco Travel is a rather informal and non-standard organization, dedicated to mountaineering  travels world wide, mostly with skis and snowboard, but also on foot, with a mountain bike or a kayak… It was established in Italy in 2007 after an idea of the three founders:  Filippo Gamba, Nigel Gifford, and Federico Fiaschetti.

Our activity is focused on innovation. We like to explore new destinations, test new equipment, study and learn new techniques in ski and mountaineering. We are extremely curious and even during a “classic” tour  we like to find something different, perpahs a climbing route or a ski line never attempted before.

With this philosophy we have completed more than 300 trips, from northern Europe to Asia, Americas, and also  to the highest peaks of Africa.

We are not specialist of a destination, but of a way of travelling.

–> SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY below with the milestones of our adventureous journey from 2007 to date.


Roving the earth by fair means, creating your own adventure…