Ski & Sail
Ski Touring at sea , with transfers by boat and overnight on board

We started to use boats for ski touring trips in the 80’s, along the coasts of Norway, when the word “Ski and Sail” did not exist yet. Since then we have skied & sailed  many other countries such as Iceland, Greenland, Kamchatka, Alaska, Patagonia,  Antarctica.

Here we refer to Ski & Sail as trips with small boats (typically 3-8 passengers plus the skipper) aiming at exploring the best ski slopes and summits along the coast.

Beware: some operators offer “Ski and Sail” trips using big boats (30 to 100 passengers or more), these are indeed cruises featuring all comforts on board.  We may offer these too, but in this case you should consider that:
– the cruises have fixed dates and  fixed navigation routes;
-there will be on board passengers with various interests other than ski touring (for example photography or whale watching) , hence the captain will follow a navigation route not specifically suited to the preferences of ski tourers.

In our Ski&Sail trips we use exclusively reliable boats well adapted to the navigation also in icy waters, equipped with all safety gear and communication devices, skipper of proven experience and knowing the specific needs of skiers.
Boats are chartered with skipper and full board facilities (kitchen on board and all meals provided).  There is a RIB available for all operations of boarding and landing of passengers with skis and boots.

Please consider that the availability of boats is limited.  They are booked well in advance, sometimes one year before the date of the trip. We suggest therefore to make your reservation as early as possible. Depending upon the number of enquires received, you may join a group of upto 8 people on board, or you may reserve the whole boat exclusively  for your own group of friends.

Boats for groups of more than 8 guests are very seldom available and they are normally motor boats  (not sailing boats); often they are fishing vessels refurbished and converted to the transport of passengers; otherwise the next step are the cruising vessels.

All Ski&Sail programs  are subject to special reservation terms and conditions .

Sailboat broker service

If we have no places left in the boat already reserved by us, then we have to search for available places by contacting our partner skippers, and this within the area and time freame set by you. This is what we call “broker service”;  it is not an easy task, and a certain flexibility from your side is suggested.
We will start our broker service after having received a deposit of 30% of the program price. Whitin 5 days we will submit you the actual program with the available boat and skipper. Should we have not found any boat available in the area and for the dates indicated by you, we will return you the deposit.

With or without a guide ?

In the  Ski & Sail  programs we offer three options:
1) on board services only, for groups who are self reliant both technically and in route finding;

2) on board services + ski guide,  for groups who are self reliant technically but whish to benefit from the support of a guide for choosing the best itineraries and route finding;

3) on board services + IFMGA mountain guide,  for groups who need the support of a guide both for the progression on the mountain (for example when crossing a glacier with crevasses, climbing a rock section, rappelling)  and the route finding.

Life on board

Ski touring with a sailboat is a fascinating adventure, however you must accept that the comfort on board cannot be the same as an accomodation on land.
Space is limited and shared; generally single cabins are not available.Bathrooms are small and shared, you can take showers but with a limited use of water.
Meals on board are tasty and abundant, but simple. They are prepared by the skipper himself or his assistant, preferably using local ingredients; some help from the guests is often appreciated.
Upon request, and generally on larger boats, it may be available a professional cook on board.
Beverages other than water and tea (such as soft drinks, juices, beer, wine, liqeurs) may be available on board upon request..
Special note: upon request we can provide “luxury” boats, with ample space on board and extra services.

Steep skiing

The  Ski & Sail way is ideal for those who aim at the ascent and descent of steep couloirs facing the sea. Vertical gain may range between 200 and 600 m or more; the possible lines are normally sight spotted from the boat, with the only limitation of the fantasy and the own technical level.

Consult our SKI & SAIL trips

We currently have  Ski&Sail  programs in Norway (incl. Svalbard and Jan Mayen). Also available: Iceland Greenland, Kamchatka, Antarctica, and other destination on request.

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