Ski-touring and Freeride in Honshu +opt. Fuji-san

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Mont of the year: december - may
Duration: 9 days or more
Scheduled departure: consult Avalco Travel
Trip code: EX14038
Country: JAPAN

Among the many options available in Honshu island, the Hida Mountains range offer the best skiing experience for the medium and advanced freerider or ski-mountaineer. The environment is typical of the volcanic reliefs of Honshu, with sparse forests of birch trees in the valleys and open slopes up to 3000 m. The amount of snow is almost always exceptional (over 10 m per year); on the northern slopes it will be possible to find powder snow until the end of March.
The (optional) ascent to Fuji-San is not to be underestimated due to the weather conditions that can be harsh (cold and wind).

For maximum relaxation, in the evening the onsen (natural hot springs) are the well-deserved reward after a full skiing day.

-> skiing in the powder of Hokkaido: Niseko, Furano, Daisetsu-san, and other jems…

**** ON REQUEST ****
-> Extension of 3-5 days for ski mountaineering in Tateyama (peaks up to 3000 m from the Murodo basin);
-> ski mountaineering raid (haute route)  of the Hida Mountains (3-5 days);
-> 1 day extension for tourist visits: Shin-Hotaka Hot Springs, Monkey Onsen, Shukubo Temples
-> Extension for freeride and / or ski touring on the island of Hokkaido (see link above);
-> City sightseeing: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe


Challenge: FITNESS 2 TECHNICAL 2 ADVENTURE 2 / for opt. Fuji-san only: FITNESS 3 TECHNICAL 2 ADVENTURE 2
Accomodation: hostel in towns, lodge in the mountains; all in multiple rooms with shared bathrooms, breakfast included
Local transfers: train, car 4WD of minivan
Services included: all local transfers as per programme; accomodation in hostel and lodge as per progra,mme (in multiple rooms and breakfast included): travel documentation with ski itineraries and maps.
Optional services: flights; insurance; upgrading hotel/hostel; single room (where available); onsen; assistance of Avalco tour leader or local guide; variations and extensions.
Special notes: ACCOMODATION: in Japan bathrooms are generally shared as per local culture, private bathrooom is available in luxury facilities. True ryokan are now rare and expensive, they may be available with a very early booking.
OFF-PISTE SKIING: it might be forbidden in some resorts, or strictly limited to assigned areas.
CAR DRIVING: international driving license (Geneva version) is requested.


day 1
Arrival by international flight to Tokyo or Nagoya. Transfer to Nagano (by train) and pick up the rental car or minivan here. Continuation to Hakuba 780 m.
days 2 – 8
Ski-touring and / or freeride trips with lifts starting from Hakuba and some other resorts such as  Nozawa Onsen, Shiga Kogen, Yudenake, and  possibly also Zao Onsen which is more far away.
Thanks to the experience of our staff and partners, we can choose the best solution as for  ski lines features and snow quality. For ski mountaineering trips we will have a great variety of itineraries available, even in lesser known valleys without ski lifts.
day 9
Transfer to Nagano, return of rental vehicles, and continuation by train to Tokyo or Nagoya. Boarding for the return flight.

NOTE. The choice of days to devote to ski touring or freeride (off-piste with use of the ski lifts) will be made in relation to the weather and snow conditions, the state of the roads, and the needs of the participants. It will also be possible to carry out programs of 100%  ski-touring or 100% freeride.

FUJI-SAN EXTENSION (optional – April and May only)
day 9
From Nagano, train and then bus to Yamanakako, at the base of Mount Fuji San.
day 10
Ascent by minivan or bus to Kawaguchiko at an altitude of about 2300 m. With skins and then in crampons, we summit Fuji San via the north side. Opportunity to enter the crater ring and ski for 200 m inside the caldera!
Depending on the conditions, it may be advisable to choose a different route (lines on the south  and east sides are also interesting).
day 11
Reserve day in case of bad weather. If not used: visit to one of the onsen, or a tourist visit.
day 12
Transfer to Tokyo or Nagoya. Boarding for the return flight.

NOTE. The ascent to Fuji-san is only recommended from mid-April. The altitude that can be reached by car or bus depends on the opening of the access roads: if you only reach 1000-1200 m, the altitude gain for the ascent to the summit is very high and can only be overcome in ideal conditions by well trained ski mountaineers.  Till end of June there are no open shelters.


Contact us to request a personalized program.

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Ski-touring and Freeride in Honshu +opt. Fuji-san
Trip code: EX14038

Key Definitions

Trip dates, Duration, Departure

The period of time given in the trip description sheet is indicatively the most recommended for optimun conditions for the planned activities. Different periods are possible, especially during season with special climate situations.
Duration is referred to the “standard” programme as per description sheet, however it could change according to the local conditions and/or the team’s requirements.
If the trip is included in the Scheduled Trips list (yearly planner), the departure date is the one given in the planner; otherwise it will be decided according to the requests we have received. In any case we suggest to contact us for more precise information.
In customized trips, departure date and duration are established according to customer’s request

Challenge scoring

By means of the scores given in the trip decsription sheet we wish to provide an indicative assessment of the challenges to be expected, divided in the following three categories:
Grade 1: adult performing a minimum sport activity (4-8 hours/week), or teenager in medium fitness conditions
Grade 2: adult performing sport activity (8-16 hours/week) or teenager in good fitness conditions
Grade 3: adult performing regular sport activity (16-20 hours/week) or teenager in very good fitness conditions
Grade 4: adult only, regularly performing sport activity and intense training (more than 20 hours/week)
Grade1: no prior experience in the activity is required, just a natural predisposition
Grade 2: prior experience in the activity as beginner to medium level
Grade 3: prior experience in the activity at medium to high level, with regular practice since min. 3-5 years
Grade 4: excellent technical skills with long experience in the activity (more than 5 years)
Grade 1: no prior experience in adventure travel id required, just a positive attitude to adapt
Grade 2: prior, yet limited, experience in adventure travel, with a strong attitude to adapt and determination
Grade 3: prior experience in adventure travel including remote area and wilderness, or extreme wheather, or uncertainty in route finding
Grade 4: prior experience in adventure travel including remote area and wilderness, or extreme wheather, or uncertainty in route finding, strong determination to overcome unforeseen events


The type of accomodation as planned is indicated in the trip sheet (hotel, lodge, tents, etc..).


The means of local transfers are indicated as planned (flight, bus, 4WD vehicle, ferry, etc.). Some changes are possible in relation to the actual availability on site and/or the terrain and wheather conditions.

Service included and Prices

We do not have a price list. Quotes are sent on request only.
Details of services included, excluded, or optionally available, will be specified in the quote and confirmed at the time of booking.
Prices depend on number of participants and on the specific requirements of the group. They will be definitely set at the time of booking after definiton of all trip details and confirmation of dates.
Special prices can be granted according to number of participants, and/or for pre-established groups, clubs and associations, guides with own clients, active athletes, tour operators and travel agents, journalists, physicians, rescue operators, schools, staff of organization running an humanitarian or research project.