Mont of the year: march - april
Duration: 8 days
Scheduled departure: consult Avalco Travel
Trip code: EX13035
Country: SWEDEN

The Swedish Lapland (Lappland) is the northernmost province of Sweden. It borders Norway to the north-west and Finland to the north-east. In these arctic lands, some Sami tribes jealously guard the language and their traditions, especially those of reindeer farming, while nomadism has practically disappeared.
The region can offer several objectives of great interest for ski mountaineering, in a rather wild landscape. The territory is characterized by wide valleys, sparse forests of birch and tundra, mountains with steep slopes and couloirs, and vast glaciers that descend to low altitudes.
Despite the modest altitudes, the environment is severe due to the climate and isolation; here the correct choice of the itinerary and orientation skills are paramount.
Here we propose two programs in the Kebnekaise massif (Kebnekaise 2105 m is the highest peak in Sweden): a tour based in a lodge or hut with daily eturn to the hut, and/or a loop traverse of the massif with  overnight stays in several huts along the way.
The ski season runs from January to May, but the best months are undoubtedly March and April. Until mid-March, on clear nights, it is possible to witness the spectacle of the Northern Lights.

-> A week based at Laktatjakka Lodge, in the Loktajokka group, near the border with Norway (heading to Narvik);
-> A week of ski mountaineering and/or heliskiing in the Abisko – Riksgransen area, at altitudes of 400 – 1600 m in the Loktajokka, Abisko, Kotajakka and Sielmatjakka mountain ranges.
-> Raid of 5-6 or more days in the national parks Padjelanta and Sarek, with skis and pulka, overnight stays in refuge or bivouacs in tents, at altitudes of 400 – 2000 m.
-> Ski touring extensions in neighboring Norway: the fjords between Bodo and Narvik, Lofoten islands, Lyngen Alps, Senja, Finnmark around Alta.


Accomodation: lodge, huts
Local transfers: bus, snowmobile
Services included: all local transfers as per programme with bus, minivan, or snowmobiles; all overnight stays in lodge or hut; all meals when provided by the accomodation; description of the itineraries and maps.
Optional services: Flights; insurance; possible transfer of baggages from hut to hut (ski safari) by snowmobile; any extra transfer by snowmobile; assistance of an Avalco tour leader or mountain guide; any extra nights in hotel at Kiruna; extra night at the Iuxury Ice Hotel at Jukkasjarvi; variants and extensions to the basic programme.
Special notes: Owing to the limited place availability at the huts, it is recommended to book well in advance.

day 1
Flight to Kiruna, then short transfer by bus to Nikkaluokta, a remote Sami village in the Kebnekaise massif. Overnight at the lodge.
day 2
Continuation in the valley, for about 20 km, by snowmobile to the Kebnekaise refuge. Possibility of a short ski  tour in the afternoon.
3-7 days
Daily ski tours to reach the peaks of Kebnekaise 2105 m, the Toulpagorni 1662 m (with spectacular steep descent), and other peaks of the group: Skarttoaivi, Singitjakka, Kittelbaecken, Drakryggen, Kaskasatjakka, and others without a name, to be discovered day after day with the only limit of imagination and the desire to look for the most beautiful slopes and couloirs.
All tours are perfomed in the same day with return to the Kebnekaise refuge; alternatively we  can spend 2 nights at the Tarfala refuge for beautiful tours into the wild valley of the same name and upto the glaciers.
day 8
Return by snowmobile to Nikkaluokta and transfer by bus to Kiruna airport. Return flight.

NOTE: Most of the raids described by local guides and websites foresee  long transfers on flat terrain and the need to carry large backpacks or use the pulkas. The raid that we propose here, on the other hand, favors short transfers and  alpine-style ascents and descents with significant  vertical gain and loss.
day 1
Flight to Kiruna, then short transfer by bus to Nikkaluokta, a remote Sami village in the Kebnekaise massif. Overnight in lodge.
day 2
From Nikkaluokta we can arrive by snowmobile to the Salka refuge 850 m (about 40 km).
day 3
Ski tours to Salka Sealgga 1865 m and / or Tjaktjahjalmen 1906 m. In the afternoon transfer to the Nallo refuge 1040 m.
days 4-5
Ski tours from Nallo: Tjaktjatjakka 1820 m, Sielmmachokka 1997 m, and / or other peaks and channels.
day 6
From Nallo we cross two hills  then climb the Kaskasatjakka 2075 m, with an impressive view over the whole massif. Brilliant descent along the southern slopes and arrival at the Tarfala refuge.
day 7
Ascent (demanding) to the summit of Kabnekaise 2105 m  via the east side. Descent along  the south side, and arrival in Kabnekaise Fjallstation. Overnight at the lodge.
day 8
Return by snowmobile to Nikkaluokta and transfer by bus to Kiruna airport. Return flight.

NOTE. The programs described above may vary depending on the actual availability of the huts , the conditions of the mountain and the needs of the participants.


for each request for a variant, extension, or fully customized program.

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Ski touring in Kebnekaise, swedish Lapland
Trip code: EX13035

Key Definitions

Trip dates, Duration, Departure

The period of time given in the trip description sheet is indicatively the most recommended for optimun conditions for the planned activities. Different periods are possible, especially during season with special climate situations.
Duration is referred to the “standard” programme as per description sheet, however it could change according to the local conditions and/or the team’s requirements.
If the trip is included in the Scheduled Trips list (yearly planner), the departure date is the one given in the planner; otherwise it will be decided according to the requests we have received. In any case we suggest to contact us for more precise information.
In customized trips, departure date and duration are established according to customer’s request

Challenge scoring

By means of the scores given in the trip decsription sheet we wish to provide an indicative assessment of the challenges to be expected, divided in the following three categories:
Grade 1: adult performing a minimum sport activity (4-8 hours/week), or teenager in medium fitness conditions
Grade 2: adult performing sport activity (8-16 hours/week) or teenager in good fitness conditions
Grade 3: adult performing regular sport activity (16-20 hours/week) or teenager in very good fitness conditions
Grade 4: adult only, regularly performing sport activity and intense training (more than 20 hours/week)
Grade1: no prior experience in the activity is required, just a natural predisposition
Grade 2: prior experience in the activity as beginner to medium level
Grade 3: prior experience in the activity at medium to high level, with regular practice since min. 3-5 years
Grade 4: excellent technical skills with long experience in the activity (more than 5 years)
Grade 1: no prior experience in adventure travel id required, just a positive attitude to adapt
Grade 2: prior, yet limited, experience in adventure travel, with a strong attitude to adapt and determination
Grade 3: prior experience in adventure travel including remote area and wilderness, or extreme wheather, or uncertainty in route finding
Grade 4: prior experience in adventure travel including remote area and wilderness, or extreme wheather, or uncertainty in route finding, strong determination to overcome unforeseen events


The type of accomodation as planned is indicated in the trip sheet (hotel, lodge, tents, etc..).


The means of local transfers are indicated as planned (flight, bus, 4WD vehicle, ferry, etc.). Some changes are possible in relation to the actual availability on site and/or the terrain and wheather conditions.

Service included and Prices

We do not have a price list. Quotes are sent on request only.
Details of services included, excluded, or optionally available, will be specified in the quote and confirmed at the time of booking.
Prices depend on number of participants and on the specific requirements of the group. They will be definitely set at the time of booking after definiton of all trip details and confirmation of dates.
Special prices can be granted according to number of participants, and/or for pre-established groups, clubs and associations, guides with own clients, active athletes, tour operators and travel agents, journalists, physicians, rescue operators, schools, staff of organization running an humanitarian or research project.