Mont of the year: march - april
Duration: 8-9 days
Scheduled departure: consult Avalco Travel
Trip code: CL11006
Country: SPAIN
ski-touring-pyrenees Spain

The chain of the Pyrenees has a particular charm, thanks to many contrasting elements: the morphology, the vegetation, the rocky gorges, the pine forests and the snowfields of the highest peaks. A top destination not only for trekking, but also for ski touring.
In the proposed program we focus on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees. In just over a week we will have visited the three areas of greatest interest and accomplished ski mountaineering  tours that are exceptional for the landscape and  the quality of the descents.

To reach the Catalan and Aragonese Pyrenees,  one can choose between using the own car all the way to destination, or catch a flight to Toulouse or Girona  and rent a car from there.
The proposed program includes visiting three areas, from south to north: the Nuria valley in the Catalan Pyrenees, then the Maladeta massif and the wild Ordesa y Monte Perdido range in the Aragonese Pyrenees.
Overnight stays are in small hotels in the valley, and in huts for the 2-day  tours.
The peaks reach  3000 m altitude and beyond; the itineraries are of medium difficulty;  among others, Pico de Aneto 3404 m, the highest peak in the Pyrenees, is an excellent ski mountaineering target.


Accomodation: hotel, hostel, hut
Local transfers: car or minivan
Services included: all accomodatiosn in hotel/hostel/mountain hut; planning of the itineraries and maps; rental of car or minivan.
Optional services: flights; insurance; assistance of Avalco tour leader or mountain guide.
Special notes: The choice between reaching the destination by car/minivan or by plane, dipends upon various criteria (time available, flights schedule, number and place of residence of participants)- We may arrange both and gather all the team members at destination.
EARLY BOOKING is necessary due to limited places available in the mountain huts.


day 1
Road trip towards the destination with an intermediate stop for overnight. Alternatively: flight to Toulouse or Girona.
day 2
Arrival in the Nuria Valley (Catalan Pyrenees), from Arles about 380 km in 4 hours. From Toulouse about 220 km in 3 hours; from Girona about 100 km in 1 ½ hour. Accommodation in a hotel in the valley.
day 3
Ascent and descent to one of the peaks of the Nuria valley.
days 4-5-6
Transfer to the Benasque valley, about 260 km in 4 hours. We are in the Maladeta massif, in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees. Wide choice of trips all at altitudes over 3000 m, with overnight stay in a hut. Among the possible objectives: Posets 3375 m, Pico de Aneto 3404 m (the highest peak in the Pyrenees), Maladeta Oriental 3308 m.
day 7
Transfer from Benasque to Torla, a small mountain village  in the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. About 100 km in less than 2 hours. From the road above Torla (about 1320 m) we begin the long journey, partly on foot, to the Goriz hut 2160 m.
day 8
Ascent to the summit of Pico de Marboré 3248 m. Descent to Torla and accommodation in the hotel.
day 9
Return to the own place of residence, by car or by plane from Toulouse (about 265 km from Torla) or from Girona (about 400 km from Torla).

Possible variants or extensions:
> various peaks and crossings in the Vignemale, Aneto-Maladeta, Posets, Ordesa, Val d’Aran sectors.
With our experts we suggest you the most suitable itineraries, according to the team’s expectations and the snow conditions.

CONSULT US for a personalized programme:
–> visit to other valleys of the Pyrenees (even on the French side);
–> ski touring trips  in different areas of Spain (Cordillera Cantabrica, Picos de Europa, Gredos, Sierra Nevada).

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Ski touring in the Pyrenees, Spain
Trip code: CL11006

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Grade 3: adult performing regular sport activity (16-20 hours/week) or teenager in very good fitness conditions
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