we want to travel anywhere there is a mountain to climb.

AVALCO Travel has the mission to promote sport activities in the mountains of the world.
We specialize in travel  organization and logistics. We support a number of sports such as ski-mountaineering, ski freeride, climbing, trekking, canyoning, mountain biking, river rafting and kayak, and other upon request.

We have a passion for complex projects, often in remote areas and sometimes never attempted before. This requires a hard work of research, data gathering, maps and photos consultation,  contact with colleagues and partners on site.

To independent teams  (not needing guiding services) and guides (with our without own clients) we provide travel consultancy and logistics support.

We offer special prices and conditions to practitioners such as guides, athlets and certified instructors, gear manufacturers, sport shop owners, travel operators, journalists, physicians, rescue operators.

Explorer Trips

Trips that have a high adventure and exploration content and never tested before are identified by us as “Explorer Trips”.
Sometimes they are built from a customer’s idea; often the team of participants will take active part in the planning and in the daily activity management on site.

Skill & Training Stages
and Club Avalco

The Club Avalco informally gathers people who have travelled or plan to travel with us. We organize outings of one or few days in the Alps, as an opportunity to train and to know each other, exchange experiences, talk about future projects.
Upon request or on our own  initiative, the Club  offers stages and skill / training courses at various levels. Often these are proposed within the context of the preparation to a particularly demanding trip (such as a high altitude climbing expedition for example).
The Club Avalco may promote a trip for its members only, with the purpose of training or testing a new destination.

Special Projects

Upon request we organize special travel projects: trips with complex logistics, explorations of remote areas with little or none information, virgin peaks or new mountain routes. This requires  a great deal of planning and organization, precisely what we name Travel Engineering.
But a Special Project may also be any event or initiative which goes beyond our “standard” activity, such as a research study, an exchange of students among countries, the development of a new technical product…
Whatever may have a relation with mountain sports; excluding competions (as per our phylosophy).