Since 2007 we offer adventures in the most beautiful mountains of the world…

…full travel organization or customized logistics,
from the occasional sportman to the extreme pro.


  • We are the first organization in Italy dedicated to ski-mountaineering trips world wide. Our staff and partners have been exploring the mountains of the planet for more than 20 years. We make available this exceptional experience to whom decide to choose our services.
  • We carefully organize each trip, sometimes involving participants in the planning, but leaving ample room to adventure once on site.
  • We have the love for exploration in our DNA. We are extremely curious and we always invent new destinations, we open new itineraries, we find new routes. Even when we run a well known programme, we try to make it more interesting with some few challenging variations…
    We offer unique experiences rather than the usual organized tour.
  • For trips scheduled by us and open to all participants, we arrange small groups of people who share the same objectives and have similar fitness and skill levels. We appoint the most suitable tour leader, selected among our staff and the local partners, with the aim to provide the best assistance and the highest chance of success.
  • To pre-established parties who are “technically independent” (without tour leader), as well as to mountain guides accompanying their own clients, we offer logistics support and consultancy. Upon request, we can provide assistance on site, for logistics only, or for climbing support on the mountain.
  • We respect the environment, the infrastucture, the people, and the culture of our countries of destination. We travel in conformity to the principles Leave No Trace,  as to avoid any impact on site after our visit.
    We follow the guidelines recommended by  UIAA  on mountaineering ethics, the Katmandu declaration on mountain activities (1982), the UIAA code on mountain expeditions, the Tyrol declaration of best practice in mountain sports (Innsbruck, 2002).
  • We apply the most modern criteria of Risk Management, a concept and practice well beyond the traditional safety rules, aiming at achieving  the best performances with a controlled degree of risk.